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What this course aims to achieve

This is a guide for leaders how to deal with a crisis like COVID-19. It is not a blue-print for every organisation, because circumstances are different.

The objective is to help managers comply with extraordinary disaster management plans, survive the immediate impact and prepare their organisations, teams and work units for the future, which will probably not be the same as before.


How users should use this course information

As far as possible the authors have sourced information from reputable sources, but do not guarantee accuracy or completeness. Users are invited to follow steps and processes as recommended in this course and to consult their relevant authorities and advisors for regulatory requirements.




Face the crisis

First understand the real problem and health risks in the work place

The nature of the problem

Understand the basic essentials of the problem that we all have to deal with

The features of the problem

A practical explanation of the threat and its implications for every person in every work unit


Comply with regulations

Without getting side-tracked; make sure you comply with changing rules

The regulatory framework

A guide to sources of information to pay attention to

Seek temporary relief

Option for relief available to employers


Lead THROUGH the crisis

Take control with these immediate steps leading your unit THROUGH the crisis

Protect health in the work place

Do what has to be done to protect health in your unit; without going over board 

Assess and address business impact

Assess the immediate impact on your business and take quick steps

Apply an alternative to "crisis management"

Discover a more robust way of taking the lead through a crisis

Take charge

Learn how to demonstrate strong leadership in a crisis situation

Communicate communicate communicate

Learn how to harness people support with this effective communication strategy

Maintain customer relationships

Steps to keep customer relationships healthy and strong throughout the crisis


Prepare for the future

Take a longer-term view and start re-aligning your unit for the future

Engage the right people

Don't work in isolation but learn who to involve for success into the future

Create scenarios

Learn how to "see" the future with this powerful tool

Brain storm solutions

Generate creative ideas and decide how to deal with emerging trends outside your control

Implement changes

Learn how to implement new plans without disrupting operations

Work and manage work remotely

Learn how to decide who works from home and how to manage work remotely


Get controls in place

Use these management tools to ensure the changes that you want to see in the workplace

Review and re-write policies and procedures

A guide to change behaviour at work by changing policies and procedures


Focus for success

Learn where and how to keep everyone focused

Focus areas

Learn how not to scatter or get distracted, but on which elements to focus as the leader

Communicate with influence

Manage effectively with smart modern blended modes of communication     


Continuously review

Practical steps to review your plans as things keep on changing during and long after the crisis


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