CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS (What we do for corporates)


If the existing courses do not meet your training needs, your organization can still benefit. Pro Talent has the competence, resources and technology to assist companies and groups in any of the following ways;


Request new courses

Our content

In some cases, we research and develop the training content that you need


Your content

Alternatively, you can provide your content and we can write the courses and publish it for your learners to log in and start learning. Intellectual property will be protected

Let us know what your training needs are and we shall provide you with a proposal how to meet your needs.


Request your own “inhouse” courses

Let Pro Talent be your training “partner” to develop and deliver the training that you need


Our training solutions can be used for;

  • Develop competence
  • Change behaviors
  • Embed the values
  • Onboarding
  • Knowledge transfer