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Designed by Industrial Psychologists with practical executive management experience PRO TALENT develops best practice learning interventions. We do not teach our learners what to do. We facilitate an environment for learning, self-reflection and development of the person. This leads to improved competence and confidence to step up to the role of leading others and getting results from teams.

Attend a generic programme or let us design a solution around your unique organisational requirements; which could include 

  • Practical assignments in the work place
  • Quality classroom-style competency-based training 
  • Genuine support for behavioural change 
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Psychometric assessments and feedback
  • Business school style coursework
  • Coaching
  • Reflection
  • Mentoring 
  • Practical application and report-back
  • Self-confidence boosters
  • Developing a vision and a plan
  • Reviewing one’s attitude 
  • A personal development plan (PDP) that helps one gain essential leadership skills

Our solutions are aimed at the required level of leadership

See our flagship programme LICENSE TO LEAD on the next page

Or tell us what your needs are and we shall propose a solution. Let us know at admin@protalent.co.za


LICENCE TO LEAD is a life changing development programme which empowers leaders of others to make the required difference at operational level



This is the ideal solution for individuals who are stepping up into leadership roles; taking responsibility for results through others. This includes managers of others and non-managers who need to influence others.  



The biggest challenge is to make the shift from DOING the work; to MANAGING performance and LEADING others to accept accountability for their own performance. This programme helps participants to understand and to make that shift



License to Lead is an integrated programme where the four modules follow logically on each other. After each module there is a structured practical assignment to implement learning in the real work place. Participants receive feedback on at least a dozen assessments to create self-insight in their natural strengths and guidelines for developing their leadership skills. They also practice many toolkits and step-by-step guidelines on HOW TO play their role as leaders and HOW TO perform leadership functions




Module 1: Personal leadership

Managing own behavior to be respected and trusted as a leader worth following (Emotional Intelligence). You must manage yourself before you can manage others


Module 2: Inter-personal leadership

Interacting effectively with a wide variety of diverse people in different situations


Module 3: Results leadership

Empowering through delegation; motivating people and holding them accountable for results


Module 4: Change leadership

Coping with change, leading others through change and introducing change, innovation and renewal



Join 100’s of satisfied participants. Contact us at admin@protalent.co.za to make arrangements




I am at a loss of words, encouraged by what I hear from participants who have attended License to Lead. There is evidence already that we are influencing a change. General Manager


License to Lead is a great course. It works, because I can see the change in participants in the work situation. General Manager; Human Resources


A great course that I would recommend for any person in a managerial or supervisory capacity to attend. Thanks! Department Head, Manufacturing


When I started the programme I was sceptical. I have come to realise this is useful, because after every module I could go back to the work place and implement. I also have a better understanding of my leadership role within the organisation. Superintendent, Manufacturing Company


The course is actually building confidence. Observing the leaders on the first day and the last day, there is a drastic change in the way they see things…….and in their confidence. Understanding my role of a leader is empowering and this course encourages me to walk with my head high to reflect a discovered leadership within me. Quality Assurance Superintendent


The learning experience was like a journey I’ve never taken before, especially where my confidence level was and where I am now; more ready to take action than ever before. I would like my manager to attend the same course with an open mind. Team Leader Participant